Kids love our parties. So do parents! Why? Because we have children birthday party ideas that keep the whole room jumping! Ideas that make your kids all smiles, and keep the stress load completely off of your shoulders.

We have childrens birthday party ideas that include plenty of music, movement and games, created especially to meet the needs of each child. As with our other programs, you can expect lots of running, jumping, tumbling and vaulting - our childrens birthday party ideas are equal parts fun and playful exercise.

We hold our parties one at a time, so you have the entire gym to yourselves. And every party is fully supervised by our professional instructors, who are always bright, cheerful and child-friendly. They will make sure your children have a playful, fun time through non-competitive games that leave everyone feeling like a winner. Not to mention the lowering of your own stress level, having others on hand to help you with the festivities!